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Thursday, March 17


Lord Muruga - Murugan is also known to called us Karthikeyan , Subramaniyan and Kandan. Lord Muruga is famous in India and more popular in South India. Especially among tamil people's. Lord Muruga is having many other names like Senthil , Saravana , Shanmugha , Kumara , Vela and Guhan. Murugan is considered to be a son of Durga,  along with his brother Ganesh and his sisters Saraswathi and Lakshmi.
In Tamilnadu , Murugan is very popular with all classes of society.

In tamil version of Skanda purana, called KANDHA PURANAM, written by Kacchiappa Sivachariyar(1350-1420 AD) in the city of Kanchipuram. He is married to two deities, Valli and Deivayanai.He rides a PEACOCK and wields a Bow in battle. The Lance called Vel in Tamil is a weapon closely associated with him. The lance was given to him by his mother.

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